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Vitamin Infusion Blends

The Hydrant Drip

Save yourself a trip to the emergency room. This drip requires no copay. Get the basic electrolytes infused into your veins in thirty minutes to an hour. Save time! Perfect to maximize athletic performance, fix for jet lag, excessive nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, cold and flu, and dehydration.

Ingredients- Vitamin C, B complex, Zinc, Magnesium and other minerals

The Detoxifying Drip

Rid your body of toxins with this vitamin recipe, packed with amino acids such as arginine, lysine and glutamine as well as glutathione, the master antioxidant. This drip is what you need to manage fatigue, alcohol use, fatty liver, smoking, exposure to toxins. It is similarly suitable for an efficient weight loss program.

Ingredients – L-arginine, L-glutamine, lysine, trace minerals and glutathione

The Immunity Boost Drip

An instant Immune booster. Fit to manage autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, and oxidative stress. Micronutrient testing comes with an Immunidex screen which gives you an idea of your immune response. For more details see Micronutrient testing. Click here.

Ingredients – Vitamin C, Zinc, B complex and other minerals

My Wellness Drip

Similar to Myers cocktail but with an umph. This is packed with trace minerals, vitamin B complex, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc with a push of glutathione. This infusion is tailored specifically for each recipient to strengthen a weakened immune system that accommodates frequent viral infections, allergies, fatigue, chronic illnesses including diabetes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, malabsorption, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Ingredients : Myers cocktail (Vitamin C, Calcium, magnesium and other minerals), glutathione

The Cold and Flu Warrior Drip

Don’t let the flu give you a smack down. This infusion includes customized doses of zinc, vitamin B complexes, and other micronutrients. Add on a shot of Toradol and high dose vitamin D3 (if deficient). This infusion is designed to help to proactively fight common cold, flu, bronchitis, laryngitis, malaise, body aches due to viral illness, intestinal virus weakened immunity.

Ingredients – Vitamin C, B complex, zinc – add on glutathione, toradol and vitamin D

The Headache Relief Drip

Avoid lengthy waits in the emergency room and get a low overall cost. This infusion combines B vitamins, anti-emetics and anti-inflammatories. Relieves chronic headache, acute migraines, stress headaches, screen headaches and sinus headaches.


Ingredients – B complex, B12, folic acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Selenium, Toradol. Add on zofran if nausea present

High dose Vit C

Immune booster, antioxidant, may be used for chemotherapy recovery. Shifts your body into an alkaline state resulting in an improvement of immunity. At a higher therapeutic dose, vitamin C generates hydrogen peroxide and kills off unhealthy cells while supporting healthy cells. High dose vitamin C IV detoxifies your body  by eliminating accumulated toxins. Certain labs are required prior to administration.

Ingredients – Vitamin C 10,000 – 20,000 mg

The Hangover Drip

Make the weekend better! Have a quick recovery after partying hard. The Hangover drip will get you feeling better quicker than you thought, and back to your normal routine. It is the perfect fit to ease dehydration, headaches, and other symptoms that stem from alcohol overuse.

Ingredients – B 12, magnesium, folic acid, B complex including thiamine. Add on zofran OR toradol

The Performer

Wherever duty calls, you will be prepared to be at your best performance. This all-natural ingredient-based infusion is useful for people into heavy workout sessions, MMA, cross fit, weightlifting and a general fix for lactic acid build-up. This infusion also boosts testosterone and improves libido.

Ingredients – Vitamin C, B complex, L-arginine, glutamine, zinc, manganese, Lysine, other amino acids and minerals

The Skin glow

Formulated to address skin conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis. Contains amino-acids that support collagen and elastin, minerals and strong anti-oxidants like vitamin C that will help build, protect and mitigate damages to the skin, keeping a beautiful glow you desire. Adequate treatment by itself but could be combined with other oral supplements. MNT recommended to customize your treatment to your specific metabolic needs.

Ingredients – Vitamin C, B complex, Biotin, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-glutamine, L-carnitine, citruline and glutathione. (NAD+ available at additional charge).

The NAD+ Drip

NAD+ infusion is all natural holistic vitamin which has many benefits including pain reduction, improvement of cognitive function, weight management and anti-aging properties. It is important for cell restoration, DNA repair, boosts energy levels and mitochondrial function. It is naturally produced by your body but reduces rapidly as you age. It is utilized in several processes within the body giving it the ability to target multiple problem areas one at a time. Replacing NAD+ will be sure to transform you for the better.

Ingredient – NAD+, vitamin C and glutathione

Myers Cocktail Drip

The Myers Cocktail is named after the late John Myers Myers, M.D., a Maryland physician who used intravenous injections of nutrients to treat many chronic conditions. This cocktail has since been modified and contains vitamin B complex including B12. There are claims that it helps with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, asthma and fatigue. Unfortunately since vitamins are not regulated, there is usually inadequate funding to support research. Try it for yourself and decide if this special cocktail, could result in a better you

Ingredients – Magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, B12 and B complex

Weight loss Drip

Works by boosting your metabolism, detoxifying your body and burns fat. It is a combination of amino acids, and other micronutrients and vitamins that will work towards your weight loss goals. Can be combined with Lipostat plus IM between treatments.

Ingredients- B complex, B 12, folic acid, L-arginine, glutamine, l-lysine, carnitine and citrulline

The Mellow Drip

Get in a better mood with the mellow drip. Contains B complex, magnesium, vitamin C, and other micronutrients intended to elevate your mood and provide relief from depression. Micronutrient testing strongly encouraged as imbalances can cause resulting symptoms of depression.

Ingredients- Vitamin C, B 12, magnesium, B complex

Pain Killer Drip

Provides relief from chronic pain as a result of conditions that cause inflammation. Good for fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. Micronutrient testing strongly encouraged, will recommend replenishment of vitamin D if deficient with the Vitamin D3 IM shot.

Ingredient – Magnesium, calcium, B complex, vitamin C, B 12 and folic acid, ketorolac.

Vitality Drip

Great to provide you with energy and detoxify your body resulting in a better you! Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that is sure to leave you feeling entirely renewed.

Ingredients – Vitamin C, zinc, glutathione, B12, B complex and folic acid

Recovery Drip

Intended to help reduce inflammation and supports faster recovery and muscle healing after marathons, triathlon, or other heavy workout routines.

Ingredients – B complex, B12 and folic acid, magnesium

Stomach Bug Relief Drip

Relieve symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting by getting infused with the right treatment that is bound to make you feel better.

Ingredients – Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin C & B complex 

Micronutrient Testing

Here at Temple IV drip, we highly recommend comprehensive testing to assist us personalize your IV treatments. Micronutrient deficiencies will diminish immune response increasing the bodies risk for infection and delaying recovery. Micronutrient testing helps us narrow down your treatment plan to specifics and increase outcome of vitamin and nutrient infusions. Micronutrient testing comes with a customized therapy plan, tailored to your micronutrient needs. See details below for more information on how Micronutrient testing can improve your outcome for a better you.

Intramuscular injections

Vit D3 supplementation Intramuscular

Helps with immune response, fatigue, back pain and healthy sleep

A study by Gorman et al. (2017), a small number of participants were treated for vitamin D deficiencies using IM Vit D 100,000 IU and the results were reported as below.

On the basis of the results from this small study, this dosing strategy of a large IM bolus of vitamin D3 appears to be safe and effective in raising and sustaining serum 25(OH)D levels, at least for a 24-week period, such as for maintaining vitamin D sufficiency through winter. The IM dosing gave a slower-than- anticipated rise in total 25(OH)D levels, and all of the changes in biochemical parameters remained within the normal clinical ranges” (Gorman et al., 2017).

Vit B12 IM injection

An energy and memory booster. Also relieves nerve pain, and used for methylation.


A master antioxidant, useful for detoxification, energy refill and athlete recovery and also for stress relief

Vit B complex

Fixes adrenal fatigue, sleep, PMS, skin, mood, methylation.


Applicable for pain relief, headache, athlete recovery, flu, joint pain.


Fix for nausea and vomiting.

Lipostat Plus

To aid weight loss and cholesterol lowering.

Party Packages

Looking for something to give your party a spunk? Throw a party like a Hollywood star! Let your party be the talk of town with an IV vitamin infusion party administered by only registered nurses.

Ask about our party packages.

Choose your Vitamin infusion and we will give you a 5% discount for every number above five (5) persons.

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Looking for something to give your party a spunk? Throw a party like a Hollywood star! Let your party be the talk of town with an IV vitamin infusion party administered by only registered nurses.

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